Imam urges Muslims to maintain values associated with Ramadan

The Chief Imam of Somanya, the District capital of Yilo Krobo in the Eastern Region, Alhaji Hamza Gariba, has urged all Muslims to preserve values associated with the sanctified period of Ramadan.

According to him, exhibiting manners such as peace, love, discipline, tolerance, unity, forgiveness reconciliation and giving, that foster harmonious living are amongst the well endowed values of Islam.

Thus, he called on all Muslims to use the Ramadan period to sustain kinship with members of other religions, and to fuse their contribution to national harmony and development.

Alhaji Hamza Gariba who gave the advice at the Zongo Mosque in Somanya after a morning session of prayers to mark this years’ celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, however, asked the youth to show love to one another and learn to tolerate one’s views and opinions.

Thereafter, he’s of the view that since sharing has become a fundamental feature of Ramadan to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, the privileged must take upon themselves to share with the less privileged in various societies, noting; “Share the little you have to get a great reward from the Allah”.

Moreover he appealed to Muslims scholars and Imams to make conscious effort to schooled their followers the need of upholding values before Allah to justify Islam’s Religion.

Alhaji Hamza stressed “What Ramadan has thought us is very great, and the values should guide all of us throughout the year” he added.

Notwithstanding, he used the opportunity and admonised Christians and Muslims to co-exist peacefully, since both religious were created by God, indicating that, ‘Irrespective of one’s belief, we should see ourselves as one, because on the day of judgement, God will not separate us on religion, so it is logical that we live together on this earth’.

Imam Hamza therefore called on all and sundry to celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr festivities diligently and modest with a lot of caution by observing all the Covid-19 directives protocols since the deadly pandemic still exist.

To conclude, he opined that accident and chaos must be avoided during the Ramadan celebration, to protect the image of Muslims in Ghana, stating that, Eid-ul-Fitr was a momentous day for Muslims to remember Allah.



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