Living word by Ps. Otabil, April 07, 2023

_By Pastor Mensa Otabil​_

Friday 7th April 2023


*Scripture Reading:* Luke 23:33-43

_And when they had come to the place called Calvary, there they crucified Him, and the criminals, one on the right hand and the other on the left. *Luke 23:33*_

The death of Jesus Christ occurred under the most painful, humiliating, and embarrassing circumstances. The form of His death, the place of His death and the people He died with were all very, very humiliating to the Son of God.

*• Crucified:* Crucifixion was the cruelest punishment used by the Romans for grave offenders of their laws. This punishment began by subjecting the sufferer to the scourge of the whip. The condemned one carried his own cross to the place of execution, which was usually a public place.

*• Calvary:* Jesus was crucified at a place called Calvary in Latin or Golgotha in Hebrew. The name of the place meant ‘skull’. Some traditions refer to Calvary as a place outside the city which was also a place for dumping of the city’s garbage. Jesus was crucified outside the city gates and on a refuse dump. He came from heaven to die in the filthiest place in Jerusalem.

*• Criminals:* Although Jesus lived a holy life, He died hanging between two common thieves. Earlier that day, His life had been exchanged for that of a convicted murderer called Barabbas.

Today, the instrument of His death is the most recognized symbol of Christianity. The cross of death is now seen as the symbol of life; for on that cruel cross, our sins were nailed permanently. Calvary is the place of authority for us.

At Calvary, the price of sin was paid. In this place of public shame, God reached out to humanity in love and forgiveness. One of the criminals on the Cross is now the truest picture of God’s grace to save us from sin when we call on Him sincerely.

Jesus paid the most painful price in the foulest place between the lowest of men to give us access to God’s highest honour.

_*Prayer:* Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing your Son Jesus to die for me. I receive His life. In Jesus’ name, Amen._


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