Hajj 2023: Ghanaian pilgrims embark on journey back home

The Chairman of the Hajj Board, Ben Abdallah Banda, bid farewell to the first group of Ghanaian pilgrims as they prepared to return home after completing the 2023 Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

With approximately 4,000 Ghanaian pilgrims participating in this year’s Hajj, a series of ten flights have been scheduled to transport them back to Tamale and Accra.

Accompanied by several board members, Chairman Banda personally accompanied the pilgrims on the initial flight to Tamale from Jeddah Airport.

Expressing his congratulations to the pilgrims for a successful Hajj, he also wished them a safe journey back to Ghana, emphasizing the significance of their spiritual experience.

In the days following the first flight, there will be four additional daily flights to Tamale.

Subsequently, starting next weekend, an additional five flights are scheduled to airlift the remaining pilgrims to Accra. The efficient and organized transportation process ensures a smooth return for all participants.

Joining Chairman Banda on this significant occasion were board members Abdul Aziz Haruna Futa, Masaudu Osman, Ahmed Abdulai Abu, and Alhaji Yunus Osman. Their presence further emphasized the importance the Hajj Board places on supporting and facilitating the pilgrims’ safe return.

The completion of the Hajj pilgrimage marks a profound spiritual journey for Ghanaian Muslims, and the Hajj Board’s meticulous planning and dedication contributed to the overall success of the experience.




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