National Cathedral Secretariat rejects “false claims” by Duncan-Williams, Anaba

The claim by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and Rev Eastwood Anaba on the lack of transparency in the building of the National Cathedral project is false, according to management of the Secretariat.

The eminent religious leaders had in a joint statement, announced their resignation from the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral project on Tuesday, October 17.

They indicated that, their decision to step down stems from the government’s failure to appoint an independent accounting firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of all public funds contributed to the National Cathedral.

However, a statement issued Monday, October 18, 2023 and signed by Executive Director of the Secretariat, the immediate past Trustees are fully appraised of activities undertaken as far as building of the project is concerned.

According to the statement, the Secretariat is well aware by “numerous attempts to politicise and cause disaffection for the project through fabrications and outright lies.”

Read the details of the statement below:




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