People hate me because of my achievements – Rev Abbeam

Founder and leader of Abbeam Institute of Technology, Rev. Dr Abbeam Danso, has said, people hate him because of his achievements as young man who has also dedicated himself to serving God.

According to him, Ghanaians hate to see their fellow countrymen prosper in life. Therefore, immediately they hear your achievements in life, they start saying negative things about you just to tarnish your reputation.

He told ‘Mr Handsome’, the host of ‘Abɔfoɔ Nkɔmɔ’ on Angel 102.9 FM on Sunday, July 26, 2020, that “They [Ghanaians] don’t expect any young man, or young Ghanaian or a Man of God or somebody who serves God to do well.”

He stated that, in all his endeavours, Muslims love him more than Christians and he feels like he is a Muslim.

“In all my endeavours, Muslims love me more than Christians and I feel like I am a Muslim. The second in command of the chief Imam came to our place and the man blessed me and he said to me you are part of us.

“When they saw the place, I have built and what I am doing there, they said, this is a blessing we have to sow in. So, I have Muslims who are telling me that whosoever is messing you up let us know and we will deal with them,” he stated.


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