Don’t do things because of the church – Christians counselled

Ghanaian theologian cum motivational speaker, Pastor Mensa Otabil, has admonished Christians to desist from doing things because their church tells them to do it.

Delivering a televised sermon on his Living Word Series, he said that, “in Christianity, we don’t do things because our church says it. We do things because we are convinced that it is the will of God.

“If the church says it and you don’t think it’s the will of God, go ahead and live your life,” he added.

The renowned preacher believes that the faith of Christians is neither in pastors nor with the church but rather the faith of believers rests in God and his word.

Centering his message around thanksgiving and honoring God, Pastor Mensa Otabil declared that whatever actions Christians take would just be a lip service until they come to the realisation that their actions are guided by their conviction in God.

He also said that in honoring God, it’s not just the act but it is also the heart behind it and the value one places.

“If God has blessed you with much, you honoor him with much, if God has blessed you with little, you bless him according to your strength but you don’t just say well everybody is honoring God with this so that’s what I’m going honor God with,” he emphasised.

Christianity, he said, is faith-based and without faith, it is impossible to please God.

According to the pastor, giving a million dollars would amount to nothing without faith and that man’s worship is only worthy if it is built on the foundation of faith.


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