These hijabi Muslim women are slayers of the fashion game

There are some people that are absolutely killing the fashion game, whether they’re lesbians from China bossing street fashion or grandmas who are dripping in style. Also nailing their sartorial choices are Muslim women, specifically those who wear a hijab.

Whether in a niqab (face covering), a turban-style scarf, an abaya (a burqa), or even a triangular scarf that is commonly used during prayers, these hijabi Muslim women know a thing or two about how to dress up. After Twitter user Nini who goes by the name @seokthestallion shared a thread of hijabi women in their elements, it blew up.

The best-dressed hijabi edition thread amassed more than 200,000 likes and each fashionista got plenty of love. But Nini had to also remind followers not to post any Islamaphobic content.

She wrote: ‘I better not see Islamophobic comments or people shaming these women in any way (not on their hijab style, not on how their clothes and NONE of that).’Muslim woman in cathedral wearing checkered suitNajma is a Swedish-Somali influencer living in Paris (Picture: @itsnajmaahmed)

One of the women featured in the thread is Najma Ahmed, a Swedish-Somali influencer living in Paris.

She tells ‘What inspires my fashion is the environment I’m in. When I’m in Paris I will dress a little more minimalistic and neutral and when I’m in Sweden I dress more colourful. ‘Also I like to take inspiration from social media and old movies from the ’80s and ’90s.’

Asked about her fashion tips, Najma says: ‘Being comfortable is a major key for me. ‘When I feel comfortable with what I’m wearing I’m automatically more confident.

‘I have seen the thread and it made me so happy to see other inspirational Muslim hijabs get the recognition that they deserve.

‘They are all so gorgeous and stylish and I’m more than honoured to be in the same thread as them.’ Check out and appreciate the rest of the women on the thread below:


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