‘A vision came to me’: Kanye West wants to create Christian TikTok called ‘Jesus Tok’

TikTok to create a monitored Christian version after exploring the app with his daughter.

“A vision just came to me,” West wrote on Twitter on Tuesday morning (NZ time).

The rapper said he would be “praying” to partner with the video-sharing giant to create a new iteration of the app that would “feel safe for young children and the world”.

“In Jesus name amen,” he finished.

West’s Twitter content has returned to a decidedly religious theme again after his now-infamous series of tirades in July, many of which took aim at his own family.

'A vision came to me': Kanye West wants to create Christian TikTok called 'Jesus Tok'
Photo credit: Twitter/Kanye West

Among other things, the Grammy winner claimed his wife Kim Kardashian had tried to “lock him up” in an act of “white supremacy” after he revealed the couple had considered aborting their daughter North in an anti-abortion rant during what was billed as his first presidential rally.

West’s presidential ambitions have not been forgotten, as he has qualified as a presidential candidate in four US states. Republican activists and operatives have been helping the ‘Lift Yourself’ rapper’s efforts, according to an investigation by The Washington Post, suggesting they’re trying to siphon votes from Democratic nominee Joe Biden and help re-elect Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, West congratulated Kamala Harris on becoming the Democratic nominee for Vice President,  signing off the tweet: “All love and respect from the future president. It’s an honour to run against you.”



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