Church can hold funeral, marriage services; Christian Council clarifies new Covid-19 restrictions

The Christian Council of Ghana has clarified issues of restrictions pertaining to the church following the 23rd update by the President of the Republic and subsequent interpretation of the issues by the Minister designate for information.

In a communique dated February 7, 2021 and signed by the Most Reverend Dr. Paul K. Boafo, Chairman of the council, the council understands that worship services are not banned but are rather limited to a duration of two hours with all other covid-19 protocols enforced.

The statement reads “worship services are permitted to continue and church leaders are entreated to enforce, to the letter, the protocols relating to attendance i.e, maximum duration of two (2) hours, one meter social distancing, wearing of masks, hand washing under running water and soap, and use of sanitizers and disinfection of surfaces.”

The council also explained that marriages and burial services are not banned but are expected to be held under strict covid-19 protocols without aftermath celebrations.

“Marriages and burial services, which are held in churches under strict Covid protocols are permitted. It is the after celebrations such as receptions, parties, dancing, eating etc. that have been banned.”

“The burial or interment itself must be private, which means it must be limited to twenty-five (25) persons.” The council explained.

The council, having explained the issues to make it easier for churches to comply to the President’s directives, is determined to close down any church and sanction its leaders who flout the rules.

“As we have done with distinction in the past, we urge all churches and all church leaders to adhere strictly to the Covid protocols outlined above to help curb the spread of the virus. Any church that does not comply to the protocols will be closed down and the leaders sanctioned according to law.” The statement said.

All member churches and leaders are however urged to remain prayerful, remembering the front-liners and the sick for God’s intervention and protection against the virus while adhering to the protocols.


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