Ghana has fallen into hands of LGBTQI community – Benny Wood

President of the Concerned Clergy Association of Ghana, Bishop Prince Benny Wood, has said arguments in the media about the Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and their activities in Ghana, promote the group’s agenda.

According to Bishop Benny Wood, the discussions in the media —though directed towards disbanding the group- end up inuring to their benefit because, the group’s only concern is awareness creation.

The founder of The Word Enlightment House Of Jesus Christ Ministries, spoke to Captain Smart, host of ‘Anɔpa Bɔfoɔ’ morning show on Angel FM on February 22, 2021.

He said: “All we are doing is in the LGBT community’s interest. We have fallen into their trap. They don’t mind if you speak negatively or positively about it.”

” They just want you to talk about it. That is the reason why we are calling on the President to speak on the matter because in the past whenever the President [Nana Akufo-Addo Addo] spoke, discussions ceased,” he noted.

Furthering his argument, the President of the association touched on some areas he considers to be the weakness of society that have the tendency promote the activities of the group.

“There are people who psychologically would want to experiment things they hear. There are some children in the society who have no knowledge of these things so once we keep talking about them, it incites their interest to experiment them.”

Bishop Benny Wood therefore, suggests that for the fight against the activities of the LGBT community to yield positive results, protests must be done discreetly. In other words the fight should not be too open and not so secret.

“The fight should be underground and upper ground. If you do it so openly, you are not fighting it, you are only expanding it and doing advocacy for them,” he said.
He calls on the President to put an end to the discussion by coming out to state his position on the issue.


Some weeks ago, the European Union (EU) in Ghana aided in opening an LGBT community office at Tesano in Accra.

Their actions fomented public discussions in which calls have been made on President Akufo-Addo and his government to close down the office and resist influences to legalize their activities because the actions of the community go against the constitution of the Republic and the Ghanaian culture.

Groups that have indicated their aversion to the community’s activities include Concerned Clergy Association of Ghana, National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values and the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference among other religious bodies.




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