There’s nothing wrong washing your wife’s clothes – Pastor Kyei Boate tells men

Men taking up roles usually performed by women in the home only affirms God’s will, a renowned gospel musician and Pastor at Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Emmanuel Kyei Boate, has said.

The Pastor made the statement to elucidate misconceptions that people have often had about marriage when he was speaking at one of the ceremonies held at the Church of Pentecost at Assin Fosu in the Eastern Region.

In his sermon which was taken from Genesis 24:1-67 on the marriage between Isaac and Rebecca, the singer noted that marriage is to be considered as a “place of sacrifice and selflessness,” hence men are expected to help their wives where the latter are in distress.

“What’s wrong, if after a long week’s work, you take your wife’s clothes and wash for her on Saturday? What’s wrong if you cook for her to eat? Be serviceable at home,” he admonished men.

Over the years people have labelled men who help their wives at home as “puppets”, but the “songs of the cross” singer discouraged it saying, it is “the world’s way of thinking and only the worldly makes such deceitful statements.”

Pastor Boate went on to chastise men who fail to take on responsibilities at home, but would want to be accorded with the respect due husbands.

“There are some men who are naturally lazy. They will do no work. They will not help their wives. They will sit down with crossed legs watching Barcelona vrs Real Madrid [Speaking of Football games]. Be serviceable at home. Help your wives,” he said.

He also stressed that for a marriage to last, it depends on how the couples address the little issues that confront them. In his speech he said: “when two good people meet, 50 percent of the trouble is gone. The rest depends on you [the couples].”


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