T.B. Joshua died because he did not rest – Prophet Amoako Atta

A prophet of the Lord’s Parliament Chapel, located at Kwashiman in the Greater Accra region, has attributed the death of Prophet Temitope Balogun, popularly known as T.B. Joshua, to his failure to take a break in the performance of his duties.

Prophet Francis Amoako Atta, the founder and leader of the church, explained that the anointing to cast out demons which was a feature of the late prophets’ ministry, comes with a custom which is rest.

His comments were hinged on Mark 6:7; 30-32, where Jesus, after endowing the apostles with power over unclean spirits and they had returned from their assignment, instructed them to take some rest.

“Every manufacturer of a technology adds a manual to the product to aid the user to know the mind of the manufacturer regarding the technology and its usage. After the apostles had told Jesus about how they had cast out the demons, the Lord instructed them to move to an isolated place and rest there.

“So when we finish casting out the demons, the next thing the manufacturer has written about the product is rest.” Mr. Amoako Atta explained this on Tuesday June 8, 2021 on Angel FM’s Anↄpa Bↄfoↄ morning show.

He therefore said T.B. Joshua needed rest after delivering the demon-possessed for the period he has operated in his life. “This man [T.B. Joshua] has not rested. He has been moving on schedule from country to country,” he said.

The prophet advised ministers who operate under the same anointing to sometimes take time off to rest for their welfare, adding if that is not done, they would be led by the demands of the crowd—the desire to satisfy their needs—which would negatively impact their health and culminate in death.

About T.B. Joshua’s death

He died in his home in Lagos on Saturday June 5, 2021 while in a meditating position. This is according to an Evangelist close to the Prophet, Madam Lina Kamkam.

The course of his death has not been disclosed, but while some speculate that he died of sickness following some mild stroke he suffered, others including Miss Lina Kamkam believe it was a divine call.




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