Churches no longer appreciate role of gospel musicians – Cece Twum

A Ghanaian gospel musician, Cece Twum, has alleged that churches in Ghana have held back from supporting artists because they have often failed to appreciate the churches’ efforts in projecting them into fame.

According to the “Jehovah” album artist, musicians should under normal circumstances continue with and to support the churches after succeeding in getting into the mainstream, but rather, they abandon them.

She shared an experience on Joy showbiz: “My husband brought a singer from Kumasi. We rented a house for him. He got married. Like, we took care of him. Now the guy is no more with the church.”

She indicated that with the kind of attitude exhibited by the singer in question, her husband, would never again devote himself to supporting any artist, neither would any church offer same assistance to them for their career development.

That notwithstanding, Mrs. Twum said that musicians who suppose that churches are duty bound to support them in their careers, for which reason they join the ministries or leave when their expectations are not met, must reconsider their thoughts because it is God who blesses but not the church.

“We go to church to serve God. You must know God for yourself. The church does not owe you anything. If the church decides to help you that’s fine, but never assume that it owes you something. It is God that blesses” she said.


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