‘We can’t uproot corruption if Christians don’t occupy places of influence’ – Pastor

Young Christians from corporate Ghana and students from various tertiary institutions have been charged to be representatives of Christ at their workplaces in order to ensure excellence and integrity in Ghana.

This statement was made by Rev. Evans Kyere- Mensah, President of the Elevation Conference, a Christian – connect event, during its fourth annual conference.

Elevation Conference 2021 was a platform for inspiration, empowerment, and networking for participants to gear up towards the next steps in the new world we live in.

Speaking under the theme Manifestations, Rev. Kyere – Mensah, who is also the Head Pastor of GoodHope Chapel International in Kumasi, admonished the participants to take on mantles as ambassadors of Christ at work by pursuing professions in varied sectors, occupying positions of influence, and instilling the spirit of integrity.

“If we do not occupy positions of influence in our country, we cannot uproot corruption, we cannot make an impact. The only way to make an impact is to become a person of influence”, he said.

He encouraged students not to shy away from politics, business, and other areas of service that put them in the limelight.

“If Christians occupy places of influence, we can win more souls for Christ and make our country a better place to live,” Rev. Kyere- Mensah said.

Rev. Evans Kyere – Mensah added, “the theme, Manifestation, means bringing out the very best of our talents, potentials, and strengths to serve God and country in the midst of the challenges in our world today”.

He, therefore, charged participants of the conference to stay focused and determined to contribute their talents and skills in their various endeavours by manifesting Christ and becoming a voice in their generation.

The conference, which sought to strategically blend highly professional and practical conversations essential for knowledge and wellbeing, as well as provide dynamic spiritual empowerment also had a session on mental health.

Dr. Mrs. Nana Akua Dansoah Nuamah, a resident in Psychiatry with Pantang Hospital and team lead of Pantang Corporate Social Responsibility provided some facts and myths about mental health to aid participants to appreciate what mental health is. Dr. Nuamah educated the audience on the most common mental health disorders, explained some risk factors, and shared tips for good mental health.

“Mental health can affect anyone and that is why it is important to know the symptoms of mental health so that when you or a loved one begins to show signs of it, you can immediately seek help,” she said.

Rev. Kyere – Mensah also launched his first book titled Stamina, which stems from a sermon he preached at Elevation Conference 2019.

He stated that “If we can all feel inspired by God’s grace and our faith in Him, we can live the blessed life that we desire and be elevated beyond the limitations we see”.

The Elevation Conference has been organized annually since May 2018 and has attracted over 1,000 guests; mainly young corporate executives, students, and pastors.

This year’s conference had song ministration from Willie and Mike, Rev. Emmit Konadu, Senior Pastor of ICGC Aviation Temple, Rev. Oteng, and many others.




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