Owusu Bempah’s return could be fiercer than before – Prophet Amoako-Atta

Founder of Lord’s Parliament Chapel has predicted that the extent to which the strife between Nana Agradaa and Owusu Bempah has reached could have a greater impact than experienced.

Speaking on Angel FM’s Anↄpa Bↄfoↄ morning show, Prophet Amoako Atta, stated that Reverend Bempah’s predicament—arrest and denial of bail application by the Accra High Court—stands the chance of fuelling him to be fiercer than he has ever been.

“This is not the end of Bempah. This even may be the beginning, based on the decision he will take. This may be a catalyst for Bempah’s coming back to be fiercer than all the years of serving in his ministry,” Prophet Amoako-Atta portended.

According to the prophet, the change is likely to happen because he believes the Glorious Word Power Ministry International leader has learnt from his mistakes, which would help inform his decision and guide his actions going forward.

“Anytime you fail, it makes you grow; it teaches you your stupidity; shows your foolishness before you; it causes you pain and that pain makes you


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