It’ll be foolish to think of owning a house in 30 days – Pastor denounces ‘get-rich-quick’

Reorienting yourselves by focusing your energies on hard work to earn a living while seeking God’s blessings, is the right way to living a good life, founder of Pertra International Church has said.

Advising the youth of the country during the church’s 20th anniversary celebration at Dawhenya in Accra, Dr. Pasival Fafalie Selly said “the Lord is the One who blesses the work of the hand”, hence seeking Him should be their attitude rather than resorting to questionable means for survival.

Dwelling on morally reprehensible behaviour, the Bishop observed that the youth are veering into armed robbery and kidnapping as quick ways to enrich themselves, occurrences which are on the rise.

In the past one week for instance, four separate robberies were recorded in parts of the country’s capital, in which huge sums of monies were made away with.

Discouraging the act, he said “I want you to understand that it is not what God has intended for you”, adding “seek Jesus and give your lives to Christ.”

Advancing, the clergyman stressed that the idea people hold that their expectations must always be met in the shortest time possible is a misconception, because “it is not how God created the world to be”.

“When you find God, you must commit yourself to work, and the more you work the more the Lord blesses the works of your hand. Don’t live in the fool’s paradise thinking in the next 30 days you will own a house or buy a car” he advised in an interaction with Angel FM’s Ahiabor Augustine.

While urging the youth to reconstruct their lives, Bishop Selly called on state authorities including the security apparatus to do all within their power to curtail the crimes to restore calm to the Ghanaian Society.

Right Reverend. Dr. Richard Ahiagbedey, head Pastor of Adonai Ministries Ghana, adding his voice also advised the youth to live a godly life and desist from chasing worldly treasures.

“What you haven’t worked for, you don’t appreciate its value so you tend to misuse it. And what doesn’t bring glory to God attracts curses. It is also said that life is what you make it, so if you don’t live a good life and work hard, it is predisposes you to engage in criminal activities out of greed.”


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