Adam & Eve; not Adam & Steve! Be Daring – Prophet John Anokye urges Christians to speak against LGBTQ+

Founder of the Worldwide Word Ministries, has challenged Christians to speak up against Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) activities in the country Ghana.

Prophet John Anokye, observed that Christians are not supporting the Anti-LGBTQ+ bill sponsored by some members of Parliament to criminalise the activities of the community because of fears of criticism.

Speaking under the theme “Adam & Eve; not Adam and Steve! Be daring!” the Overseer of the church noted that the hesitation to speak against the trending issue from the onset is what has plunged the country into the control of the community.

“’As for me I don’t want trouble’, that is what we have done and the people [LGBTQ+ promoters] have collected their money and are controlling everybody,” he said.

“We cannot allow minority [LGBTQ+ promoters] to dictate for the masses” he added while urging all and sundry to rise up to the occasion.

“It is about time you defended what our society stands for, what our moral laws stand for,” the Founder of the John Anokye Ministries Inc. stated.

Expressing his aversion to the activities, he described the marriage between dog and human being as “disgusting, animalistic, nonsense and demonic” whether sensual or earthly.

The Minister also encouraged all to boldly share their opposition to the promotion of the activities on their social media platforms until it is thrashed.

He however warned people who are induced to promote the “gay right” to desist from pushing for the legalisation because though it is earthly, their actions have consequences in the supernatural world.

“God will judge you strictly. You will spend your eternity in hell. Your body will be eaten up by worms of hell” he stressed.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of Parliament in an interview with Joy News disclosed that, the House had received over 100 letters from individuals and organizations across all sectors of the economy including religious groups on the issue.

According to Mr. Anyimadu-Antwi, leaders of organizations from both sides of the controversy would be invited to defend their stance on the matter.

Additionally, the Committee will engage countries that have legalised the practices and those which have not, all of which are aimed at helping Parliament to understand the likely outcomes of Ghana’s decision on its people.

This was after the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill was read for the first time in Parliament.


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