Commitment to prayer makes Muslims flourish more than Christians −Jesus Ahoufe

New Life Kingdom International founder, Bishop Stephen Akwasi, says the seriousness Muslims attach to their religious life is what makes them flourish more than their Christian counterpart.

According to him, God has not left any religious society destitute; He has “blessed all of us” but Muslims’ commitment to prayer makes them progress more in life.

Jesus Ahoufe, as he is popularly known, said this on Monday November 15, 2021 on Angel FM’s Y’adwuma nie show hosted by DJ Ohema Woyeje.

He alleged that while a Christian on a journey may be searching for food to nourish his body, a Muslim on the other hand would be seeking for the nearest mosque to perform his religious rites because they pray five times a day. “For a Christian to pray even once, it is a problem” said the Christian sect leader.

He emphasized however that payer is very important in the life of every believer, saying “you don’t give up on praying even when you do not get answers, because someday your prayers will be answered.”

According to Jesus Ahoufe, people would need prayers in addition to guidance from others in society when in a predicament, because obstacles are bound to come their way to restrain them or spur them on to progress.

Meanwhile he has said that his experience with the Ghana Police Service and the Court of Law following events of Shatta Wale’s faked shooting, which is being tried in an Accra Circuit Court, goads him rather than quell his spirit.




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