MPs fighting is most embarrassing moment in Parliamentary history – Pentecostal Council

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) advises Government and Members of Parliament (MPs) to take advantage of the yuletide to reflect on events of the year and to amend their ways as leaders.

The counsel comes after the MPs were seen engaging in fisticuffs in Parliament on Monday December 20, 2021 over passing of e-levy bill laid before the House, and the chaos which occurred on January 7 when the caucuses met to elect their Speaker.

According to the Council, the actions of the legislators were “the most embarrassing moments witnessed in the history of our Parliamentary democracy” as they disregarded the dignity of the House and the people they represented.

“It is our prayer and hope that our Members of Parliament would use this period of Goodwill and Reconciliation to soberly reflect on their actions during the year and commit to total consensus building and dialogue in the coming year to resolve all their differences and seeking at all times to serving the collective will and aspirations of the people of Ghana whose mandate they are exercising” said GPCC.

The Council made the remarks when it was wishing the general public well ahead of the Christmas festivities on December 23, 2021.

The statement signed by the President of the Christian body, Reverend. Professor Paul Frimpong-Manso, further urged that President Akufo-Addo and his Ministers “take cue from the current composition of the 8th Parliament and gauge the mood of Ghanaians that genuine dialogue and consensus building is what they voted for in 2020.”

The GPCC believes that only tolerance, eschewing extreme partisanship and seeking consensus building in all engagements will help build “peaceful and united Ghana”.

“It is our prayer that all of us will approach our work in the coming year with diligence, trust and cooperation in the interest of mother Ghana” the statement added.



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