Maker’s House church members to benefit from Dr. Boadi Nyamekye’s car driving business

The Makers House Chapel International Founder and General Overseer, Dr. Micheal Boadi Nyamekye, has initiated a contract driving business for members of his church.

The General Overseer has procured 20 cars to start up the business with. At least 20 members will benefit from the business as the beginners.

He observed that many of the members feel reluctant to participate in activities and honor their obligations when the church congregates due to their financial challenges.

Thus, the contract driving job to be created is expected to raise their living standards in an economy that has seen many Ghanaians impoverished with no room for employment in the public sector owing to Government’s brimming payroll.

“This is how the church is supposed to be: it’s not just about the pastor coming to draw money from the members but making positive impacts on them as well,” said one of his Pastors, Ken Fiati, in an interview monitored by

Ken Fiati who doubles as an actor further noted that the business model is the “work and pay” or sales type which will allow other interested individuals the opportunity to secure funds generated from the driving job to start their own businesses as well.

Eligibility requirements include driving license, proof of membership of the Makers House Chapel International and a guarantor for security purposes.

Asked what measures have been put in place to ensure strict compliance to the rules regulating the business and its continuation, Ken Fiati said some experts in the field have been contracted to weekly inspect the vehicles and ensure their maintenance, which will also prevent the participants from absconding with the vehicles.

Meanwhile, Dr. Micheal Boadi Nyamekye has also established other lucrative businesses not only for the members of the church but the general public in areas such as hospitality, media and construction, to reduce the unemployment rate and its impact on the Ghanaian economy.


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