Pastor loses ‘love’ after being robbed at Berekum

A Sowutuom resident pastor has become disenchanted after his supposed “lover” defrauded and robbed him at Berekum in the Bono Region, a Divisional Police Commander has revealed.

According to Chief Superintendent Richard Appiah, the pastor from the Greater Accra Region decided to visit his crush for the first time but ended up losing his belongings to two teenage boys who were supposed to lead him to the suitor.

The pastor (name and organization withheld) had been engaging the lady virtually particularly on Facebook for quite a time until it was agreed between the ‘lovebirds’ to meet in person at the lady’s residence.

The beguiled Christian leader desiring to meet the lady, journeyed from Greater Accra to the Bono Region on January 27, 2022, making a stop at Berekum.

According to Chief Superintendent Richard Appiah, the lady had informed the man that a rider would pick him and bring him to her home. Accordingly, Alexander Agyemang a 19-year-old, and Francis Mahama, 18, showed up with a tricycle known locally as “pragyia” to transport him to the destination of the hostess.

Midway through the journey, however, the duo stopped and attacked the visitor and absconded with his items including his bible, a Samsung A12 Galaxy phone, bag and clerical color.

Needing help, he drew the attention of the Berekum Divisional Police Command to his predicament and consequently got the culprits arrested with the stolen items retrieved.

The two teenagers following their arrest and prosecution, have been sentenced to serve a combined term of 17 years of imprisonment by the Berekum Circuit Court. Thus, Alexander Agyemang would serve 10 years while Francis Mahama serves 7 years.

Meanwhile, Chief Superintendent Richard Appiah has advised the public to be circumspect not to fall victim to such practices in their engagement with social media users, because of tendencies to defraud by false pretense, as has been the case of the priest.

“If you are engaging people on social media and someone invites you over, be careful because not all who appear as women are women. Many men pretend by using ladies’ pictures to lure unsuspecting men” he said while sounding strong caution to the youth in Berekum to desist from the fraudulent activities.


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