Terror alert: ‘Don’t stay stupid…’ – Prophet to churches

In the face of the threats of the terrorist attacks on Ghana, the founder and overseer of the Lord’s Parliament Chapel has counselled churches against living under the false sense of security that prayer alone would save them.

Prophet Francis Amoako Atta said it is necessary for churches to put protective measures in place to ensure that the worshippers are safe while they continue to implore God’s protection over their lives.

According to him, praying against terrorism without instituting safety measures is tantamount to what is euphemistically described as making poor decisions.

“Don’t stay stupid and don’t be a religious idiot. Believe all things and do all things,” he said on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofoↄ morning show which was simulcasted on Angel TV on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

His comments came following cautions by the National Security and the Ministry of Interior to religious organizations and the general public in a bid to keep them alert in wake of looming attacks of terrorists who have caused havoc in neighbouring countries including Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Togo.

The agencies among other things encouraged the churches and mosques to install security cameras to monitor the activities of the terrorists and if possible employ the services of security agencies to protect lives and properties.

According to the cleric, keeping to prayer but failing to comply with the directive of the agencies could be deleterious to the religious bodies.

“If it [weapon of mass destruction] hits one church, it has affected all the churches; it will cause serious fear and panic,” said the prophet.

Buttressing his point, he alluded to the case of Moses in Exodus 17:8-16 saying, “Moses did not only focus on prayer. This is the man who parted the red sea…This is the man who when they were attacked by terrorists, immediately realised that they [the enemies] were coming with weapon…and called for the deployment of men [of war].”

“If the leadership tells the police and the military to fight the terrorists without the necessary provision and without the necessary weapons, they will be defeated. The leader [Moses] going to the top [Rephidim hill] is the leader going ahead of them [warriors] to provide anything they needed in order to conquer.”

The move by the leader of the Israelites the clergyman described as an act of good leadership.

“What is the purpose of leadership? It is for protection and provision. In times like this, we have excellent and good leadership. Nothing is protected without leadership. Nothing is provided without leadership. Nothing can be changed without leadership.”

“Every good leader must learn to protect and provide” he added.


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