Terrorism threats: It’s your responsibility to equip security forces – Prophet Amoako-Atta to government

In the midst of the awakening to the threats of terrorist attacks on Ghana, the founder of the Lord’s Parliament Chapel has called on the government to urgently equip the security with weapons.

Speaking on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofoↄ morning show, Prophet Francis Amoako-Attah said nobody or nation is ever free from attacks, hence there must be adequate preparation for eventualities.

“There are some places where you get to, you will be attacked; you can be a bishop, arc bishop, prophet, president, vice–no matter who you are,” said the prophet on the show which was simulcasted on Angel TV.

To him, the responsibility of equipping the country’s security forces to match up with the terrorists lies in the bosom of leadership.

“What is the purpose of leadership? It is for protection and provision. In times like this, we have excellent and good leadership. Nothing is protected without leadership. Nothing is provided without leadership. Nothing can be changed without leadership.

“If the leadership tells the police and the military to fight the terrorists without the necessary provision and without the necessary weapons, they will be defeated,” said the clergyman.

Meanwhile, he has urged the religious bodies to rally behind the government in ensuring that the country’s peace is not compromised.

Prophet Amoako-Atta noted that one of the ways the church can help is to “stand so we bring the presence of God down” by means of prayer.

He also urged them not to reason that praying alone would protect the country, but must heed to the directive of the national security and the Interior Ministry.


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