Pentecost Church opens ‘Dubai City’ Assembly with 70 members

The Church of Pentecost has inaugurated a new assembly known as the Dubai City Assembly in the Buduburam District of the Church. The assembly, which currently boasts 70 congregants, was created through the ministry of the Home and Urban Missions (HUM).

Speaking at the inauguration service on July 17, 2022, the Buduburam District Minister, Pastor Anane-Adjei, who doubles as the HUM Coordinator for the Kasoa Area, said that although the assembly begin with an adult membership of 27 and 11 children, it has seen appreciable growth, hence its inauguration as a full-fledged assembly.

He was hopeful that the new assembly would become a strong church in some years to come and serve the spiritual needs of the members and people in the community.

“Today will forever remain in the annals of history; we pray that the seed we have sown today would germinate and bear fruit in Jesus’ name,’” he said.

Delivering a sermon on the topic: “All The Believers Shared Everything Together” based on Acts 4:32-33, Pastor Anane-Adjei encouraged believers to make it a habit of supporting each other.

He urged Christians to emulate the early church, who willingly shared their possessions with others in need.

He also encouraged them to pray, fast and preach the gospel in order to lead many into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Among those present at the historic event were Mrs. Vida Anane-Adjei (Wife of the District Pastor), District Executive Committee members, presiding elders, officers, and members of the Buduburam District.




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