The Maker’s House Chapel launches major initiative to support members, society

The Maker’s House Chapel International (TMH) has officially unveiled its Humanities Division, to support its members and the society at large.

The launch which took place at the Church’s premises, adjacent the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, Accra on Sunday, February 19, 2023, also saw the celebration of its first ever ‘Humanities Week’,Maker’s House Humanities Department

Fused with the church’s Sunday service, the event saw presentations from the various units under the Humanities Division.

In his address, the Lead Pastor of The Maker’s House Chapel, Dr Michael Boadi Nyamekye, emphasized the need for churches to make the welfare of their members a priority. 

Maker’s House Humanities Department
Dr Michael Boadi Nyamekye

He indicated that an empowered church is a great vehicle for soul winning and making a significant contribution to national development.

“Without its members, a church is just a building. And that is why we must strive to ensure the quality of their lives is improved. We must not only see to their spiritual nourishment but their physical and emotional well-being.”

According to Dr Boadi Nyamekye the Church seeks to give its members a chance at a better life through the initiatives and interventions run by the Humanities Division. “ We want to embody the ideals of Christ who throughout His ministry, exhibited a genuine love for mankind by caring for both their physical and spiritual needs,” he said.Maker’s House Humanities Department

Key Focus Areas

The Humanities Division comprises the Welfare unit, the Educational Scholarship unit known as TeamEdu, the Health Team, Team Impact as well as the unit that supports Senior Citizens and the aged.

The Welfare Team among others, has the mandate to ensure that the social needs of members are met, promote God’s love among members as well as manage the TMH Welfare Scheme.Maker’s House Humanities Department

TeamEdu is the Educational wing which supports needy but brilliant students with educational scholarships  to promote knowledge acquisition.

With an integrated team of physicians, nursing and allied health practitioners, the TMH Health Team strives to improve and promote best practices in healthcare in the church. The unit also promotes healthy lifestyles, health awareness campaigns while managing the TMH Health Post and infirmary. 

Team Impact, which represents the corporate social responsibility wing of the TMH, is tasked with the responsibility of providing the operational guide that steers the church’s mandate of reaching out to the needy. Maker’s House Humanities Department

The Senior Citizens in the church are not left out as they are engaged to, among others, mentor, and guide young adults. The unit periodically holds educational and health programs for the aged which also include mind and soul therapy, entertainment activities and road trips.


The Humanities Division has a 12-member team led by Priscilla A. Cuornooh and is accountable to the Executive Management Committee of the Church as well as the Board of Directors. 

Commenting on the launch Madam Cuornooh said the opportunity to serve is one that she cherishes.

“Service to humanity is a gift and my team and I are honored at the opportunity we have been given. We hope we will be able to impact humanity with our initiatives,” she stated. 



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