Ghana’s Constitution has not produced the democratic dividends promised – Catholic Bishops

President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC), Most Rev. Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi, has joined calls for the amendment of Ghana’s constitution and legal structure, to achieve good governance.

According to him, Ghana’s 4th republic has not produced the democratic dividends its proponents had promised.

He noted that unchecked corruption, the accumulation of ill-gotten wealth and the abuse of power by political players has left many Ghanaians disenchanted with the status quo.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2023 plenary assembly held in the Sunyani Diocese on Monday, he said, “It is clear to Ghanaians that the beneficiaries of the political system in place, are not the people but the politicians and the political actors and others in high positions.

“Ghanaians are witnesses to the accumulated wealth which those in power make in record time as soon as they entered politics. Ghanaians look on helplessly because those in authority are protected by the constitution to do what they do and they are never prosecuted because politicians protect their kind. There have been no significant positive changes in the economy since we became an oil producing country.”

Most Rev. Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi added that the situation gives the impression that corruption is legalized in the country, thus justifying the impunity with which political actors and their cronies plunder the nation.

He said the constitution must be amended to allow more checks and balances to control the unchecked corruption and deter politicians from indulging in the menace.

“The massive uncontrolled corruption is suffocating the nation. It appears corruption is legalized. What should Ghanaians do since the existing form of democracy help only a few and leaves the majority behind?

“What about the impunity and arrogance of some politicians and their defence of corruption? Should the constitution not be changed or bettered for it to work for all Ghanaians instead of for a few? Should the legal system not be re-equipped to uproot corruption?”he quizzed.

He said the military takeovers in neighbouring countries should be a wake up call for politicians to put in place systems that will improve democracy in a manner that makes the government work for the good of all the people of Ghana.




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