Israeli Hiker discovers 2,800-year-old seal from Solomon’s Temple era

An Israeli man made an incredible discovery during a hike in the Tabor Stream Nature Reserve in northern Israel. He found a 2,800-year-old seal dating back to the era of Solomon’s Temple.

Erez Avrahamov, a 45-year-old, was on a break from his IDF reserves service. He thought he found a simple bead or stone at first. “While walking, I saw something shiny on the ground,” he said. However, it turned out to be an engraved object that looked like a scarab or beetle. Realizing its significance, he contacted the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

The IAA identified the object as an Assyrian seal or scarab. This artifact dates to when the Assyrians conquered the northern kingdom of Israel, an event recorded in 2 Kings. The seal features a winged creature, possibly a mythical griffin or a galloping winged horse.

Nir Distelfeld of the IAA shared Avrahamov’s excitement. “I immediately heard exclamations of excitement on the phone,” Distelfeld recalled, after he advised Avrahamov to inspect the seal further.King Solomon Seal

The seal, made of carnelian, was found near Tel Rekhesh. This site is significant in the region’s history and has been linked to the biblical town of ‘Anaharat.’ Scarabs from this period are shaped like dung beetles.

Itzik Paz, an archaeologist with the IAA, considers this one of the most important finds at Tel Rekhesh. He suggests the seal indicates Assyrian or Babylonian administration in the area. “At that time, a large fortress stood on the tell which was apparently under Assyrian control,” Paz explained.

solomon temple seal found 3

This find not only deepens our understanding of ancient history but also connects us to the biblical era, bridging the gap between the present and the distant past.



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