Voting Trump out will be disastrous for Ghana and the world – Ghanaian prophet warns US citizens

Founder and General Overseer of the Freedom Chapel, Prophet Amoako Atta, has said that any attempt by the electorate in the United State of America (USA) to vote their President, Donald Trump out of presidency, will lead to total destruction of the entire globe.

“If the United State of America (USA) makes a mistake to vote Donald Trump out, they have destroyed America, Ghana as well Africa and the entire globe,” he prophesied on Angel FM, Tuesday, October 27, 2020.


He insisted that there was no way Donald Trump would lose the November 3 polls because, “Donald Trump is a man of peace. God has not finished with him yet because his purpose for becoming the president was to suspend and root out evil doings of some people across the globe.”

He added: “if Donald Trump loses the election, it will pave way for Bill Gates and counterparts to come out with the ‘Mark of the Beast’ as enshrined in the Bible.”

Prophet Amoako Atta
Prophet Francis Amoako Atta is Founder of the Parliament Chapel International.

Countering Joe Biden’s decision to contest as a candidate for US President, Prophet Amoako questioned that competency of Joe Biden.

“How can you entrust a country and the entire globe into the hands of Joe Biden? How can he rule the entire globe?”

According to him Joe Biden is nothing but an empty suit.




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