Arrest, prosecute pastors who give prophesies about 2020 elections – Prophet

The Founder and Leader of the Faith Redemption Chapel International, Prophet Elisha Arhin, is calling for the arrest and prosecution of pastors and prophets who engage themselves in predicting election outcomes.

According to Prophet Arhin, the call is necessary to prevent such preachers from heightening tension ahead of the December 7 polls.

He accused some of pastors of always give false predictions about elections just to gain cheap popularity.

“In Ghana, people are ready to die for a particular political party so they don’t joke when it comes to general elections. If a pastor or a prophet predicts that party A  or B will win general elections, members of that party will never believe in the outcome of the elections if doesn’t go their favor,’’ he told Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo in an interview.

He added that pastors and prophets who predict election results create tension before, during and after elections adding that, they have to be arrested and prosecuted.

“God can reveal to a Man of God about outcome of elections but it is the responsibility of that Man of God to know how to say it to save this country from tension and chaos.

“Sometimes I wonder why two Men of God will predict outcome in favor of different political parties. One will say party A will win the other one will say party B will win. God will never contradict himself,’’ he said.


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