Covid-19: Christian Council declares 3-day prayer and fasting

The Christian Council of Ghana has directed a three-day National Fasting and Prayer programme for member churches, following a surge in covid-19 case count.

The programme themed “Oh God, Heal Our Land” (2 Chronicles 7:13-14) is scheduled to come off from Wednesday March 3 to Friday March 5, 2021, but its publicity will be on Monday March 1 and Tuesday March 2, 2021 on available media.

This is according to a communique signed by the Chairman of the council, Most Reverend Dr. Paul K. Boafo on behalf of all ecumenical bodies and other Christian and Para-church organization. It is dated February 23, 2021.

Considering how virulent the virus has become, the council deemed it necessary to use the media available thus radio and television to broadcast the programme to reach far more people, to create awareness and to rally them towards observing it.

On March 25 last year, same call was made on Ghanaians to fast, pray and seek God’s intervension over the first wave.

The organisation believes that the reduction in the number of cases recorded is the “evidence of the Lord’s intervension in our situation.” Hence, the need to again seek the Lord’s face.

The council is therefore hopeful that media organizations would creat room for such publicity and onward broadcast of the main programme in quest to seek the Lord’s intervention again.

“We appreciate the immense contribution you have already made in support of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.”
“We look forward to a more favorable response from your organizations as we work together to eliminate this deadly virus from our land,” the Christian Council said.
Covid-19 update

Currently, Ghana’s case count stands at 6,812 active cases after recording 506 new cases.

Total death recorded is 582.
Total cases recorded since its first outbreak in the country is 80,759.
So far, 73,365 people have recovered and or been discharged.




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