Deal with LGBTQI issues with ‘great wisdom’ – Roman Catholic Priest

A Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, Reverend Father Ignatius James Yaw Amponsah, has called on Ghanaians to deal with the LGBTQI issues which have surfaced in the country with “tactfulness, diplomacy and great wisdom.”

His comment follows calls on government by individuals, sexual right advocate groups and religious organizations to close down the LGBT community office opened at Tesano in Accra and to enact strict laws that prohibit their activities in the country.
Rev. Fr. Ignatius, considering Ghana’s reliance on the western world for support, advised that the situation should be addressed with the greatest care.

He said: “With regard to the LGBT challenge that we have at hand, I would like to advise that it is not a problem that we have to solve with excessive emotionalism and destructive behavior.”

“We have to solve this problem with tactfulness, diplomacy and great wisdom.

Because if you have your hands in someone’s mouth or your mouth in someone’s kitchen, it will be extremely stupid to hit the head of that person or do anything evil to that person.”

Having said that, the Priest outlined challenges the country is beset with that have necessitated his stance on the subject.

He noted: “Because the resources of our great nation Ghana have been mismanaged by majority of our political leaders ever since Dr Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown, we have a pathetic situation whereby we had to sell Ghana Telecommunication to foreigners in order to pay Government workers.”

“In Ghana today, we have to borrow money to service our foreign debts. We have to borrow money even to deal with COVID 19 challenges. We borrow money even to buy cocoa from our farmers. The short of it all is that, we borrow money from our development partners for our survival as a nation,” he added.

Furthering his argument, Rev. Fr. Ignatius asked: “Can government workers live for two years without salaries? Our foreign donors can live without our natural resources for many years, because they have accumulated a lot. Can Ghana live without the financial support of the white race for even five years?

He, however, suggested means people can use to deal with the problem. According to him, education is the path that eradicates it without side effects.

He said: “Let’s take the path of aggressive education in our homes and families for our family members to know the deadly consequences of the LGTB behavior and it will die a natural death without destroying any property or doing anything evil to anybody.”

Rev. Fr. Ignatius urged all to contribute towards building a self-reliant nation and to do away with the “too much talking that bears no good fruits.”

He added: “Those who are shouting “let’s crucify the LGBT community” do not think of the terrible consequences; they do not even know that Ghana is like an egg in the hands of the white race.”

“Our sovereignty is now of known use because of how our political leaders have managed our economy ever since Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown through deceit of some of our own country men and foreigners.”


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