Don’t associate with the church, fellowship with the leader – Kyiri Abosom to Christians

Controversial Pastor known popularly as Osofo Kyiri Abosom, says associating oneself to a church rather than the leader of the church fellowshipped with, is an indication of lostness in the Christian faith.

The Life Assembly Worship Centre founder believes that the church is an organization meant to be joined not for the sake of its name or history but the individual operating it.

“It is a human being that God will use to help man, not the organization because the organization is meant to be joined.

“Therefore, when you repose your hopes in the church you attend, saying ‘I fellowship with Pentecost, Presbyterian church, and so on,’ you are lost.”

The Pastor, known privately as Mr. Kwabena Andrews, buttressed his point alluding to Jesus’ ministry saying that He did not have a church while doing the work of God on earth, but gave Himself to the service of the people, likewise “Elijah and the others came to do theirs and have left”.

“Why do you leave the Presbyterian church near your home to the branch at Dzorwulu? It is because the spirit with which the Pastor at Dzorwulu speaks is different from the one closer to your home. You want someone who will speak and will be far-reaching, when he prays for you, it works.”

“We need to follow the one who leads the congregation than follow the church,” he said.

According to him, the church is a place to solve problems and not to worship. “God said bring your burden. He didn’t say come and clap,” said the controversial cleric in his interview with Ohemaa Woyeje on the Y’adwumanie mid-morning show hosted on Angel FM.

Speaking about the fears expressed by people that refraining from church could lead to languishing in hell, he disclaimed that it is rather the delusiveness of the preachers that has resulted in the perception.

“That is what they infused in the people’s minds and have brainwashed them, that ‘if you are not careful, hell, so come’”.



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