I can never condemn all-night service – Dr Lawrence Tetteh

The President of World Miracle Outreach, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, has clarified his position on all-night service which he was reported to have discredited.

The evangelist, while explaining how the event used to be organized, as against modern times and the public’s lack of understanding of the activity, said on GTV’s breakfast show that it has recently lost its spirituality.

But clarifying same in another interview, the pastor stated that the reports carried out by the media that the religious act has no spirituality were misinterpretations.

“Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days and nights. Moses, Paul and many others held night vigils. I have personally been a great beneficiary of such prayer meetings and can never condemn it” he told Ghana News Agency.

According to him, the concern has been the organization of the event in residential areas which tends to disturb residents and attract some antipathy toward the Christian faith.

“My own father in the Lord, the late Rev. Akwasi Amoako, used to hold all-night meetings at Santase in Kumasi and Prophet Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie held such meetings at Prampram. I have also organized all-night meetings at Trade Fair, La, to prevent disturbances,” he said.

“We must use all-night prayers to disturb others and create an environment for people to condemn Christianity, You can always be spiritual and not only during all-night meetings. I affirm to every man and woman that I believe in the spirituality of all-nights.”




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