According to sources, no Pastorial Council meeting and no Executive Council meetings have been held in the last five years under his watch.

There are also indications that Apostle Boahen had gone to court to acquire a consent judgment on behalf of the church which allows him to stay on as Chairman without the consent or knowledge of the Pastoral Council and the Trustees of the Church.

He is also alleged to have made this move with the support of his personal secretary John Brown, his friend John Nyanful, Dep. Chairman A. A. Agyeman and one junior pastor from Obuasi called Pastor Arthur.

Per the church constitution again, the general practice is that a maximum of one to two months period is used to organize elections but Apostle has a different game plan so he has spread the elections from one to two months to four years.

The breakdown is as follows; one year for Branch elections, another year for District elections, then the following year is Regional elections and lastly another year for election of Chairman.

This game plan is so structured in a way that will eliminate old executives so that he can introduce his own set of executives whom he can control and therefore hold the church by the scruff of the neck, the source disclosed.

A source pointed out that Pastor Boahen had even allegdly by-passed the Executive Council (made up of all Snr. Pastors, church Elders, Pastorial Council etc.) who appoints the General Secretary after every four years and had gone ahead to appoint his friend called Pastor Sam Awuah as the new General Secretary.

The source added that under the instructions of Apostle Boahen, Pastor Awuah also began to write letters to various branches to organize elections in breach of the church constitution which was vehemently refuted by the various branches.